Carton wallet workshop

Oktober 14th, 2016 | Tags:

Sa, 22.10.2016 ab 14 Uhr bis 16 Uhr
@ Das Japanische Haus e.V. 
Eisenbahnstraße 113B, 04315 Leipzig

you can make cardboard wallet!
you can bring your own cardboard.
Just bring yourself.
From the unwanted into the wanted
Everyone knows carton is tough and handy, but on the other hand, you might have seen them as scrap and gotten an image of dirty garbage. What kind of story, however, does the carton have inside? After stuffs are put inside far beyond the sea, what story takes them here, and dumps them here? Collecting those storytelling carton, and wishing to reuse them as wanted, Carton starts.
Shimazu Fuyuki
Born in 1987 in Kanagawa,Japan and enrolled in the information design department at Tama Art University.He started creating cardboard wallets,and then launched a new cardboard wallets brand,called „Carton“ at the same year.Carton was spread out from all over Japan to overseas now.
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