Baloon-Workshop & Gypsyswing Konzert


Baloon-Skulptur Workshop und Gypsyswing Konzert im Rahmen “Zufällig Osten”

Programm (Eintritt frei):

Baloon-Skulptur Workshop (c.a. 30 Min / Person)
von Clarence Albert (Assistant Norihito Usui)

20:00 Open
20:30 – 22:30
Gypsyswing Konzert von “Die Schnurrbart Connection”

Baloon-Skulptur Workshop
This time, we will create a face sculpture out of balloons, papers and flour.

We will mainly focus on creating the easy and artistic workshop which can be accessible to anyone including those who have never had experiences of creating art.Our aim is to create the positive and easy environment where people can freely and spontaneously make their own art following a tiny bit of technical advise.

About Artist:
Kliarenz is a serious artist and he has trained himself sculpting for over 10 years.
His career of the sculpture was started since 2000, first as a resident artist under the mentorship of Tapfuma Gutsa who is a well known artist from Zimbabwe where he was born. At Surprise Art Center which was run and organised by Tapfuma and Nicole Gutsa he learnt how to curve and sculpt things mainly in stone, after this he attended a couple of residencies and workshops including the latest artist residency in Spinnerei, Leipzig.
His work sometimes comments on a range of contemporary social problems, environmental issues and also hiv and Aids.

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