Day: October 24, 2015


Konzert: Sora

24.Oct.2015 websiteyoutube1youtube2youtube3blog Message from SoRA :It is the place called the Japanese house in Leipzig, which was an unoccupied house and has been renovated by its members.After a meal, I am going to perform some of my songs for about 1 hour at the event called ‚a meal meeting‘ there.You can enjoy an exhibition by Monegassen Ramsch as well that day.If you would be interested in that event and around Leipzig, feel free to come. 空き家をセルフ・リノベーションした”日本の家”という場所での「ごはんのかい (ご飯の会)」にて, 約1時間ほど演奏させていただきます。この日はアーティストの絵の展示期間中とのことで, そちらも楽しみです。お近くの方は是非◎

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