Exhibition : Domestic Constructions by Imma Mengual


Vernissage : am 02.12.2017 20:00-

Exhibition ab 02.12. bis 07.12.2017

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An important turning point is the exhibition project “Domestic Constructions”, in the artistic career of this sculptor, designer, professor and researcher at the Miguel Hernández University in Elche (Spain), who presents at DAS JAPANISCHE HAUS in Leipzig.

It is the first time that Imma Mengual’s work travels outside Spain, where the interest in her individual mythologies projected on a critical social corpus and the delicacy with which she materializes her work has been increasing strongly in this last year.

The exhibition consists of a part, by small boxes of metal mesh that the artist has been using in her work, in an obsessive way; fragile spaces of protection / seclusion that contain, bones that converse among them, levitate, or struggle to leave to a questionable outer space.

Mengual practices art as a therapy as a catharsis where he moves transgressing norms and borders, and jumping from one side to the other of the line of regulation, again and again. Showing neatly the bones of immaculate white that, product of opíparas and symbolic family meals, show their personal mythologies, and connect with those who share with her their artifacts, arquiesculturas recreating some experiences.

The box-houses that he presents in “Das Japanische Haus” in Leipzig, make up his first universe, a true cosmos. The house, as a female symbol, with the sense of refuge, mother, protection or mother’s womb, but at the same time, of seclusion. It assumes the physical line between public and private space.

The house and its parts make up the great metaphor of the body, the physical and the mental. And the artist, thus creates and constructs arquiesculturas as metaphors of their mental structures and to try to generate a certain order to their existence.

On the other hand and as graphs on the wall, we find a series of symbolic pieces that try to break imposed limits with great subtlety, making global questionings resorting to physical formulations or obsolete languages ​​that provoke the involvement of the viewer in the work.

Bones, metal mesh, sewing threads, … Mengual transforms the exhibition space of “Das Japanische Haus” into a cosmos of domestic constructions that, incomplete, observe the whole scene from the wall of the room.

The exhibition will open next Saturday, December 2, at 8:00 p.m. in “Das Japanische Haus” in Leipzig and will remain open until next December 7, 2017.