Day: March 12, 2020


Ausstellung: POINT of NO Return // Natacha Martins

12.Mar.2020 Das Japanische Haus presents “Point Of No Return”, the first solo exhibition in Leipzig by portuguese born painter Natacha Martins. POINT OF NO RETURN12.03 – 21.03.2020DAS JAPANISCHE HAUS e.V. 12.03.202017Uhr – Vernissage / Opening About the first words that you learn when you move somewhere newAbout getting lostAbout building a future without expectations but at the same time restlessly questioning of what the fuck am I doing hereAbout having difficulty in the supermarket understanding what are you buyingAbout needing Google Translate to make a clear point of your viewAbout the tremendous effect of the lack of sunlightAbout the hibernation and social fear towards the seasonal depressionAbout spending time alone, […]

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