13.09. Gesprächsabend „Asiatische Freiräume“

September 10th, 2014 | Tags:

Sa, 13.09. ab 19Uhr VoKü
japanischer Eintopf (für Sumō-Ringer)

ab 20Uhr Gesprächsabend
„Asiatische Freiräume“

Kenichiro Egami (Forscher, Fotograf)
born in 1980, lives in Fukuoka, Japan.

2007~09 MA in Anthropology and Cultural Politics, Goldsmith collage, University of London (U.K) 2006~07 Ph.D in Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art (U.K) 2000~04 BA in Education, Waseda University (Japan)

He studied in sociology and media studies in Japan. After graduated, he went to UK to study Fine Art and Anthropology. While he stayed in UK, he began to participate the political and social movement in UK and Japan and also stated to take a photo document of the political actions in Europe and Japan.

He also takes place the independent research on the autonomous space in the world. His main concerns are Gift Economy, Anthropological study of political movement, Anarchism, Fine Art,Political Photography, etc Since 2010, he is organizing the workshop on art and activism in Fukuoka city and working on his first photographic collection.

Mail : u.potlatch@gmail.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kenichiroegami
web: https://kenichiro-egami.squarespace.com/


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