Michiko Saiki Solo Ausstellung – Self Portrait –

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1. – 8. März 2018

Eröffnung am 1.3.2018 um 19 Uhr im Japanischen Haus


Featured Works:
Photo Works
selfsuffocation (2015)
untitled (2016) – a collaborative photo work with Coral Castillo Mar

Documentations of Performance Works
Have You Seen That Girl? (2012)
Grow (2012)

Still Frames from Video Works
a…i…u…e…o… (2014)
E.G.G. (2014)

Video Screening – Opening Night Only 20.00~ (March 1)

Grow – a collaborative work with Nigel Coutinho
can you hear my voice?
popularmedia – a collaborative work with Alex Peck
Trope – a collaborative work with Marilyn Shrude and Erwin Redl


Michiko Saiki is a Japanese-born pianist and multimedia artist. As she was raised amongst a devoted Shinto-Buddhist family, Michiko’s early perspective of life was largely influenced by traditional Japanese cultural values. Her upbringing within Tokyo’s fast paced culture, her family, and her 10 years of life in the US have largely influenced her artistic interests.

Her body of works consists of performance art and video art. Using experimental video and photography techniques, she explores hidden qualities of her body and voice. Her first video piece a…i…u…e…o… has been screened in numerous international film festivals and won First Place in the Without Word Film Festival in Metz, France in 2014. Her goal as an artist is to create works that go beyond the limitations of traditional mediums and the conventional social norms she is immersed in.

As a specialist of contemporary music, Michiko also regularly concertizes and promotes the work of living composers. She has earned Doctor of Musical Arts in Contemporary Music as a pianist from Bowling Green State University, Ohio USA.

Her works and recordings can be found at michikosaiki.wordpress.com

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